Jay Jackson has worked as an animator on 30 films since he moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles in 1979. After training under Eric Larson, one of Disney's Nine Old Men, he started on The Fox and the Hound. In his 15 years at Disney, his favorite assignments were animating scenes of Sebastian the crab and the dance sequence "Under the Sea" in the The Little Mermaid, and supervising the Ape Family in Tarzan. At Turner Features, he was a co-lead animator on Danny the Cat in Cats Don't Dance.

As a CG animator at Sony Imageworks, he worked on Open Season, Monster House and The Aviator. He returned to hand-drawn animation on the The Simpsons Movie, and the helped animate The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios. Jay has also animated and co-directed many commericials and educational films.

He is a teacher at Animation Mentor, and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Dan Jeup










Terri Libenson is the cartoonist of the internationally syndicated comic strip, "The Pajama Diaries." She is also an award-winning humorous card writer for American Greetings Corp. She has written for American Greetings.com, Egreetings.com, and BlueMountainArts.com as well.

Terri graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1992 with a BFA in illustration and a minor in art history. She developed her first comic strip, "Got A Life," in 2000, which was distributed by King Features Weekly Service. "The Pajama Diaries" was launched with King in 2006 and currently runs in hundres fo newspapers throughout the country and abroad. "Pajama Diaries" was nominated for "Best Newspaper Strip" in 2014 by the National Cartoonist Society.

Terri has three book collections: "The Pajama Diaries: Deja To-Do," "The Pajama Diaries: Having it All-And No Time To Do It," and "The Pajama Diaries: Bat-Zilla."

Born and raised in northeast PA, Terri lives with her husband and two daughters in Cleveland, OH.





Gustavo Rodriguez began drawing since he was a kid. His cartooning career "started" in 1986 in his hometown of Havana, Cuba. He had one of his comic strips to appear in a montly magazine under the pen name of Garrincha. After that, his work began to appear in several othe Cuban publications. Many hundres of cartoons, illustrations and comics later, as well as exhibitions and awards in some international contests he left Cuba for good and came to the States in 2005. He is currently contribuing regularly to ElNuevo Herald newspaper, Yahoo Noticias en Espanol and Marti Noticias.

His works are also distributed by The Cartoonist Group and Cartoon Stock.

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