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Ken Alvine

 Ken Alvine, a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and the  University of Washington,  has worked professionaly in the fields of Advertising and Cartooning since 1964. He worked for, and with, […]

Liza Donnelly

 Liza Donnelly is a writer and award-winning cartoonist with The New Yorker Magazine, where she has been drawing cartoons about culture and politics for over thirty years. She is also resident […]

Kent Melton

Kent Melton List of Career Highlights from 1987 to the Present Hanna Barbera – Character model maquettes of Flintstones and Jetsons First sculptor ever to be hired with full time […]

Paul Trap

Paul Trap is the artist and writer of the comic strip ‘THATABABY’, appearing online at and syndicated in print by Andrews McMeel Universal. THATABABY chronicles the semi-autobiographical rodeo of raising the […]

Guy Gilchrist

Guy cut his cartoon teeth on the stylings of Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker), Dr. Seuss, and Walt Disney. After high school, Guy was already working on his own children’s books […]

Bill Hinds

Bill is the drawing half of the team, with writer Jeff Millar, that created the sports comic strip Tank McNamara. Tank has been running steadily in as many as 300 […]

Hilary Price

Hilary has been drawing and writing Rhymes With Orange, her daily newspaper comic strip, since 1995. It has twice won “Best Newspaper Panel” by the National Cartoonists Society and appears […]

Eddie Pittman

Eddie grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where he taught himself how to draw in the back row of math class. As a kid, he won a 10-speed bicycle from the […]

Steve Artley

Twice named Best Editorial Cartoonist of the Year by the Minnesota Newspaper Association, Steve Artley is known for his often hard hitting cartoons in support of environmental legislation and education. […]