This Year’s Guest Speakers

Ken Alvine

 Ken Alvine, a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and the  University of Washington,  has worked professionaly in the fields of Advertising and Cartooning since 1964. He worked for, and with, […]

Liza Donnelly

 Liza Donnelly is a writer and award-winning cartoonist with The New Yorker Magazine, where she has been drawing cartoons about culture and politics for over thirty years. She is also resident […]

Kent Melton

Kent Melton List of Career Highlights from 1987 to the Present Hanna Barbera – Character model maquettes of Flintstones and Jetsons First sculptor ever to be hired with full time […]

Paul Trap

Paul Trap is the artist and writer of the comic strip ‘THATABABY’, appearing online at and syndicated in print by Andrews McMeel Universal. THATABABY chronicles the semi-autobiographical rodeo of raising the […]